We've passed!!!! (pictures)

Thank you to those of you who allowed me to take your lovely photos after passing
Enya Evans passed first time! May 22 πŸ₯³
Varsha Patel passed first time with me! March 2022πŸ₯³
Lauren Stone passed first time! March 22 πŸ₯³
Harianna Benham passed Feb 22! πŸ₯³
Leah Mundy passed first time Jan 22! πŸ₯³
Adam Farley passed first time! Jan 2022πŸ₯³
Charlotte Shadrake passed first time! Nov 2021 πŸŽ‰
Kelly Tym passed first time! Nov 21' πŸŽ‰
Zara Neal passed first time! October 2021πŸŽ‰
Nicky Williamson passed first time! September 2021 πŸŽ‰
Sanjana Joshi passed first time! September 2021πŸŽ‰
Joe Knight passed first time today! September 2021πŸŽ‰
 Dolly Belcher passed first time with me September 2021 Well done! πŸŽ‰
Angel Ahmet passed July 2021! πŸŽ‰
Keeley Mason passed first time after lockdown 3! April 2021. Well done!πŸŽ‰
 Josephine Dodoo first time pass with me, post lockdown!! Aug 2020πŸŽ‰
Kirsty Johnson passes first time! March 2020 πŸŽ‰
 Beth Wright passed first time!! FantasticπŸŽ‰
Leanne Haywood passed Dec 19!! Fantastic 
 Zara Blackmore passed first time! Nov 2019
 Vicky passed first time! October 19
 Simran Hotti passed September 19!
 Jasmine passed Aug 19.. Well done!
Jen Gilby passed first time! Aug 19 
 Keeley Nelson passed first time June 2019
Lucy Kelly passed April 2019!
Leah Nelson passed April 2019! 
Rebecca Harrington passed first time! March 19 
Amy Martin passed March 19!
Sameera Kypuram passed Feb 2019!
 Amber Rose Edwards passed first time! Feb 2019
 Jessica Whittington passed Feb 2019! 
 Georgie Collier passed first time! Well done to you! Jan 2019
 Connor Smyth passed first time!! Well done!!
 Kathy Alexander passed 1st time! Well done!
Joel Mundy passed 1st time!! well done!!!
 Alex Athene passed first time!! well done!!
 Carly Gilroy passed! April 2018..well done!!!
 Faye Clark passed first time with me March 2018
 Amy Fryer passed first time!!! Feb 2018!!!
 Terry Hudson passed Feb 2018! well done!!
First test of 2018! Emily Woodstock passed...well done
 Clare Smith passed first time! Dec 2017
Jo Hawley passed first time with the new style test! Dec 2017
 Lindsey Blyth passed today at Hornchuch! Nov 2017
Nicola Constinou passed first time! Nov 2017
Nichola Hilliard you done it! so happy .. Oct 2017
Aswini passed today! great drive! September 17
Fatime passed July 17 and a great drive!!
Sue Maynard passed first time! Amazing! July 2017
Victoria Ludlow passed first time June 2017! one minor!
 Malachi Whippy passed June 2017! Well done!
 Jack McGuinness passed first time! June 2017....
 Hayley Ross passed June 2017, well done!!
Keisha Tweedsa first time pass! May 2017... well done!!
IMG_8690 (1)
 Novanna Seynisch first time pass! May 2017..Well done!!
 Li Meadows passed! well done...April 2017
 Stacey Stledger passed first time and on her Birthday!! Feb 2017
 Alex Turner passed first time today! Feb 2017
Leila Moussaoui passed ..so pleased for you! Feb 2017
Khadija Tahir first time pass!! Jan 2017 Amazing!
Georgie Kent passed first time!! Well done! Jan 2017
IMG_4148 (1)
 Verona Edo passed with only one minor! Jan 2017!!
Charles Barker passed first time!! Dec 2016!!
Rebecca Walby passed with zero faults! Dec 2016!
Emma McNulty passed first time! Nov 2016
Laura Griffiths passed October 2016! Well done
Ling Kan passed Aug 2016, Well done!
Robert Ryan passed first time! Aug 16.. well done!!
Yuki Solomon passed July! so happy for you ..Happy driving!
 Winter Meadows first time pass in Auto with me! July 2016
 Jack Gittins passed today! Well Done! July 2016
 Hannah Pearce passed first time! July 2016
Sandra Iyobo passed first time! June 2016 ..Well done!!!
Kim Clements passed first time! June 2016
Clare Dore passed first time with me! April 2016
 Ria Ottaway first time pass! April 2016 
Victoria McCarthy passed first time! Feb'16
 James Rickwood passed First time!! Jan'16
Kirsty Davis, first pass of 2016! Well done to you!!
Toni Bass passed first time! Dec 2015.. Well done!
Faye Grant Walsh passed first time! Dec 2015. 
Karen Ruben first time pass!!! Oct'15 Well done! 
Sunny Oduyemi passed today! So happy for you! Oct'15
Kiran Dhesi passed first time today! Sep'2015
Emma Gadbury passed First time! Sep 2015
kirsty locker
Kirsty Locker First time pass! July'15 Well done!
Michelle Woolford Fearn Passed First time! July'15
kirsty july
Kirsty Wright passed First time! July'15... Well done!!
Gary Vandyke passed with a CLEAN SHEET and First time!!! June'15 
senem may 15
Senem Sen passed first time! May 2015. Well done!!
harp may 15
Harpreet Hothi passed first time today! May 2015 Well done!!
anne may 2015
Anne passed today! Well done! May 2015
zoe may
Zoe Barr passed First time! May 2015 .. Well done Zoe!
tara 15
Tara Steadman passed March 2015 Fantastic!!!!
Rebecca Arscott passed with ZERO faults!!! Jan 2015..Well done!!!!!!
hayley jan 15
Hayley Broad passed first time!! Jan 2015! Well done!!!!
elle jan
First pass of 2015 for me, and a first time pass for Elle Picton ! Jan'15
Jo Mercer passed 1st time Dec 2014..well done!!!
laura 14 dec
Laura Stevens passed first time only 1 minor! Dec 2014..well done!!!
delina nov 14
Delina passed 1st time, Nov'14..well done!!!
dan nov 14
Danielle Noakes passed 1st time!! Nov'14...well done!!
sozie 14
Sozie Homeyard passed Oct'14 Well done! Happy driving!
lauren mungo 14
Lauren passed with only 1 fault! September'14 Well done!
rachel aug 14clean sheethoto 2
Rachael Whyberd passed with a clean sheet first time Aug'14.. well done!!!!
Rosie Sweeny passed first time! July'14..well done!!!
sarah july
Sarah Britchford passed first time! July'14..well done!
suzie 14
Suze Ryan passed first time! July 2014...well done!
irene 14
Well done Irene! First time pass, June 14
lauren march 14
Lauren Lamey passed 1st time! March'14
jodie march
Jodie Evans passed 1st time March 14!
alex feb
Well done Alex 1st time pass! Feb'14
keiran feb
Keiran passed 1st time! Feb'14..well done!
hannah 14
A CLEAN SHEET 1st time pass! Hannah...no faults!!! Well done Jan 14
mandy 14
Mandy Birmingham passed 1st time! Jan 14... well done!!! 
claire dec 13
Claire passed 1st time! Dec 13
jemma nov 13
Jemma passed 1st time! Nov 2013 Well done!
gamze noz 13
Gamze passed 1st time! Nov 2013 Well done!
katy nov
Katy passed 1st time, well done!! Nov 13
lacey aug 13
Lacey passed 1st time! Well done Aug'13
sarah clean sheet aug 13
A CLEAN SHEET for Sarah! NO faults! 1st time too! Aug 13
laura june
Laura Murphy passed 1st time! Well done! June'13
emma parker
Emma Parker passed 1st time with me, well done!!! June'13
danielle june
Danielle passed 1st time! June 2013
paige june
Well done Paige! June 2013
chloe 13
Chloe passed May 13, well done!!!
kal may
Kalsoom passed May 2013..Well done!!!!!
helen may
Helen first time pass! May 2013
hannah april 13
Hannah passed first time in the automatic!, April 2013
carol march 13
Carol passed 1st time! March 2013 Well done!
lisa feb 13
Lisa Cooper passed 1st time!! So pleased for you Lisa Feb 2013
Rachel Tomlin passed 1st time! Feb 2013 Well done!!
holly feb 13
Holly passed first time with me, Feb 2013..well done!
lisa jan 2013
Lisa passed Jan 2013..well done!!!
katie jan 
Katie Hennelly passed first time with me Jan 2013!
Eve Smith passed FIRST time! Dec 12..well done!!!
rebecca nov 2012
Rebbeca passed first time! Nov 12
Billie passed Sep'12 Yay!
photo (29) leigh june 12
Leigh Tappin Passed June'12 well done clever man!
Leanne march 12 photo (27)
Leanne Evans passed first time with me, 2012, Well Done! 
deborah feb 12photo (25)
Deb passed with only 2 driver faults!! Well done! 2012
photo (13)ash
Ash passed first time! 2012
photo (4)lisa feb 12
Well done Lisa 1 driver fault only! great pass! 2012
peggy,dec,11photo (23)
Well done Peggy!! Dec'11 first time!
photo (22)rebecca dec'11
Rebecca passed! Well done! Dec 2011
photo (21)adam
Adam passed first time! Nov'11
photo (20)mel
Melanie Brett first time pass! Well done! Nov'11
securedownload (9) randall                                                                                                                                                                                    Randall passed 1st time! Oct'11 Well done!
Shree passed first time! Aug'11 well done!
chin. july 11
Chin passed first time! July'11 Well done!
photo (19) panisara
Well deserved pass for Panisara! June'11 
photo (16) abby
Abby Borg passed with only 1 driver fault! Well done!
Well done Carla Moore, great pass! April'11 
First time pass for Laudie! Well done! Feb '11
DSCF1405 keeley
Well done Keeley! Feb '11 Excellent pass!
Well done Edith! Great pass today! Feb '11 (hi leah, i just want to thank u for leading me to victory this Febuary. thank u so so much for looking after me)  Via email
stacey jan 11
First pass for 2011 for me! and First time pass for Stacey! Jan '11
ann. 15.11.10 Ann passed! 15th Nov '10
BeauWell done Beau! Pass Nov '10 
Kerri 15.11.10Kerri passed 1st time! Nov '10

Well done Charlotte, first time pass! Oct '10
Lynn. pass.june.Lynn passed June 2010, well done!
tashaTasha passed 1st time! June '10
paul.11.5.10Well done Paul, Aveley. First time pass. May '10
  katie pass Well done! to Katie of Harold Wood 
katKat passed first time! Aug '10
ashlie..16.9.10Ashlie well done! Sep'10
driving lessons in hornchurch driving lessons in upminsterWell done to Mark, First time pass!
sophie.Sophie well done! Hornchurch, May '10
rachel.21.11.09First time pass for Rachel Nov.09 ..well done!
danielle 28.4.09Well done to Dannielle, Congratulations!!
mosesFirst time pass for Moses, well done!
afaaf pass
Afaaf, Emerson Park, passed first time with
only 2 driver faults!
"You were not only a brilliant instructor with endless patience, but also a lovely person to spend time with! I think you managed to break every stereotype of the scary driving instructors people had warned me about"
Thanks Afaaf!!!
laura 13.5.10Laura, Passed first time!! well done!
geoff passCongratulations Geoff! first time pass!
katherine.1.9.09Kathy passed First time!!! Well done!
veena 10.2.09Well done Veena!!! of Collier Row 
gary passCongratulations!, Gary, first time pass!  
Lorraine.1.7.09First time pass for Lorraine, well done!!
katie.03.09.09Katie from Romford passed today!!
jane.17.3.09Well done! to Jane, a well deserved pass! Elm Park
darren.pass.june.09First time pass for Darren of Hornchurch!
Linsey passLinsey, Upminster, Passed first time!
shannon june 09Well done Shannon!! of Hornchurch
debbie pass 26.aug.2009Deborah had a well deserved pass today!
rachael pass 28.10.08Well done!! Rachael, Hornchurch 
mandy passMandy, Dagenham passed first time!  
sarah pass Sarah Saint, passed first time!
Tamsin.9.7.09Tamsin, Harold Hill passed today Well done!
vicki passCongratulations!, Vicki of Collier Row 
leila passLeila, Upminster, passed her test close to her babies due date! 
sam passCongrats Samantha of Barking, Well done!
gemma pass 24.10.08Well done to Gemma!! Emerson Park.
jagdeep pass 7.11.08First time pass! Well done Jagdeep, Rainham
liz pass 20.11.08First time pass!! Well done Liz, Upminster
Julianna Pass 8.12.08First time pass for Julianna! Well done!
shwetaGreat pass for Shweta, Upminster..well done!
chloe 24.june.09Chloe passed June 2009!
I tried FIVE instructors before I had you, You were by far the best worth every penny. So if yr looking just go with Leah she was friendly a great teacher and lovely person. Thank you! don't think I would of passed with out you!!! x 
michelle.24.6.09First time pass for Michelle!! of Collier Row
Liza.3.7.09Liza passed first time! Well done Liza!
Miss Erica Irish, Romford passed First time at Hornchurch test centre 29th October 2009 (no picture supplied)
'Thanks a million for your help you were a great tutor'         ...thanks Erica!
sue.22.1.10Sue passed first time..22nd Jan 2010! Well done Sue!!!!